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Fitspo: For Better or For Worse

Fit seems to be slowly taking over as the new skinny, as people are beginning to dish out their money on that organic-kale-antioxidant boost-green drink-thing and hot yoga instead of a burger and concert tickets.  While I am both pro-health and pro-burger, many blogs, Instagram accounts, and other social media seems to be very one-sided. 


The world is filled with social media hypocrites that will get annoyed at the people that insist on posting a picture of their lunch on Monday, and then post a snapshot of their macaroni and cheese on Tuesday.  The problem is not the lunch posting epidemic (unless, of course, you are a hungry scroller), but the fact that more and more accounts are popping up that make you feel guilty for eating that macaroni and cheese while they upload a picture of their grass fed steak and brussel sprouts next to their perfectly tanned stomach resting between their bright pink sports bra and black tight Nike Pro shorts. 

Like a drug, scrolling through this fitness porn has become addicting to us, and I, too, have fallen prey. 

And while reading health and fitness articles may have a response with some, constant pictures of “what you can look like” along with motivational slogans are bound to make a greater amount of people lace up their Nikes. 

Some see this as inspiration, while others roll their eyes at these seemingly self-centered and overly proud lunatics.  It has caused me to reach for the carrot instead of the cupcake most times, and I’m even (trying) eating Paleo!  (Although doing Crossfit, Yoga, and dating a trainer is moving me in a healthy direction, too!)  But seeing those “before and after” pictures of a complete stranger might make a dream real to someone that otherwise would not have been motivated.  Something that we all need to acknowledge is that this fitness movement is much better that the previous, smaller “thinspo” movement, which advocated less or no eating and unhealthy lifestyles. 

However, at what cost are we making these better decisions?  Should social media pipe down and let society enjoy its cupcake? 

Almost good Enough to Eat Souffle

Known for the presence on home shopping networks and fantastic hair products, body lotions made by Carol’s Daughter quite frequently get overlooked.  Free of parabens, sulfates, and fake fragrances, their Shea Souffles are so amazing, and with scents like Almond Cookie and Coconut, they smell good enough to eat! 

I have been using the coconut Body Souffle for a little over a month now and while I am very pleased, the product is not perfect (is any?)  The scent is absolutely amazing and lasts only about an hour.  Also, because the main moisturizing ingredients is shea butter, it sinks right into your skin without lingering.  While I found my legs to be moisturized all day, it did not last long on my hands at all. 

Ultimately, I really liked this product, and it made me want to go out and try more Carol’s Daughter items! 

Stay delicious and stay beautiful! 



Love Yourself this Valentines Day

As the much anticipated Valentines Day approaches, people are going crazy looking for the perfect gift to make that special someone feel loved.  While stores are stocking their shelves with countless chocolates and overly sappy romantic cards, you might want to turn down another isle.  Also, you might want to show some love to someone else this V-Day:  Yourself.  

Here’s how to adore yourself: 

1. Start the day off right and wake up an hour early.  I know, many people might shrug at this- lamenting that this is a surefire way to frustrate instead of love yourself, but trust me on this one.  Once you’re out of the bed, you’ll have an extra hour to workout, make a delicious breakfast, or do whatever you want before being thrusted in to the hustle and bustle of getting to work and school on time. 

2. Take a bath.  Throw in some lavender essential oils, a bath bomb, or even some good old bubbles and chill out.  Let the heat soothe away any aches and pains as the fragrance relaxes you.  Baths are like yoga for the unflexiable — they leave you with the same zen effect! 

3. Go ahead, reach for the heart shaped box.  Chocolate is thought to release serotonin in the brain, which can boost your mood.  Make it dark chocolate, which is good for your heart.  Delicious, good for you, and it allows you to join in the Valentines day stereotypes! 

4. Look gorgeous, for yourself.  If you keep trying to impress somebody else, you will never get the full effect until you do it solely for yourself.  When you feel gorgeous and look exactly how you want to look, then you’ll be most confident and everyone (or that special someone) will notice! 

My mother always says “You can’t love anyone if you don’t love yourself” 

Love yourself.  Love one another.  

Stay lovely and stay beautiful 



Mix it Up and Get a Little Sore

Part of the reason why I love (and fear) Crossfit is that I have no idea what I will be doing until I groggily check the WOD at 7am before heading off to class.  Rope climbs, weight lifting, rowing, running, pull-ups,— its never the same thing twice.  But now I’ve added yet another type of variety into my routine:  Friday yoga class. 

While differing your workout everyday adds a little zest to your life, it also can make each workout you do just a little more effective. 

As a competitive swimmer in high school, I found that my body was perpetually smelling like chlorine, yet was never sore.  How could this be if I was spending two hours a day, five days a week doing strenuous exercise?  Then one day I went on a run.  And boy did it make me sore. 

I had fallen into the muscle memory trap of pulling myself through the water, to the point where I did not even have to think about what I was doing on long sets.  Then, my poor little legs were thrown for a loop when they found themselves jogging instead of kicking.  And the first time I ever lifted weights?  It was pure insanity! 

Crossfit has brought a new level of diversity (and soreness!) into my life.  While I constantly find myself saying things like “My legs are so sore and I’m not moving unless the house is on fire.”, I also find myself saying “wow!  That run was faster than the last, and that lift heavier than the one before it.” 

When your body does is not used to what you are doing, it takes more energy to do it!  More energy could mean faster results, more efficient workouts, and less plateaus!  Plus its fun! 

Switch it up!  If you usually run, try yoga, or swimming, or weight lifting (be careful!) Climb stuff. Jump on stuff. Have fun. 

Stay fit and stay beautiful! 



The Benefits of Booze!

For all the 21+ readers out there, you might want to reconsider taking that extra shot or drinking that next beer next time you are out and save them for your beauty routine the next morning.  When consumed, alcohol can do some damage to the body, but when it stays topical, it can actually prove quite beneficial! 

Our of toner?  You might want to grab that bottle of vodka (not flavored!) and put a small amount on a cotton ball and then apply to your face as an astringent.  Basically it disinfects skin and tightens pores.  Just remember to moisturize after, because it can dry out skin! 

While getting beer spilled in your hair on the dance floor can be a huge annoyance (especially when you spent an hour to get it to look like that!) it can actually provide your locks with a slew of benefits when used the next morning in the shower.  When used once a week in place of shampoo, it can tame frizz and make your hair healthier because the malt smooths it out while the yeast makes it stronger and gives it fabulous volume. 

Obviously, there are many readers that need to wait a few years before trying these tricks! 

Stay sober and stay beautiful! 



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